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Executive Office Putting Green "Doris, hold all my calls -- I'm in a very important meeting and can't be bothered."

Ok. Here we go. Easy. Don't let this one get away from you. This is the most important moment. The impact of this meeting is crucial. Breathe. Take it easy.


It happens in offices all around the world everyday. You know, the fake meeting where the executive gets out his putting training aid and takes a few swings while the secretary fields all the calls and tells the person that they are "unavailable at the moment."

What better way to practice than on this Tour Links Dog Bone Shaped Putting Green? This item is not your average "matt" with a cup at the end. It measures at over 9 feet of fake turf and boasts the firmest "feel" under your feet. It actually comes with a cup at each side of the "dog bone," has one pin (for when you rocket one too fast) and is actually adjustable in its contour.

It is easily stored and moved -- in case Doris gets suspicious -- and is warranted for 3 years against any manufacturer defects. It better be for the hefty price tag. Of course, if you are in that big corner office and Doris is taking your calls, you may have the funds for it -- or you're smart enough to figure out how to add it to your "office decoration" budget.

"Thank you, Doris. If you would forward my calls to my cell phone I have an important... uh... appointment at the country clu-- the coffee shop!"

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