Distance Golf Tees by Zero Friction

PGA Performance, Set of 50

Posted by Robert

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Distance Golf Tees by Zero Friction These Zero Friction Performance golf tees are designed to give you more distance because there is less resistance than you encounter using a traditional tee. This tee has 3 prongs which hold the ball up.

I bet you didn't know that those old traditional tees that you've been using for years were robbing you of precious distance. I figured this out a long time ago --that is why I don't use a tee at all. Instead, I get my buddy Brian to lie on the ground with my Titleist Pro V1x in his mouth. When I take a swing, he spits the ball up into the air and I smack the BAJEEPERS out of it. I find that I get at least five extra yards out this. Of course, I only get the extra yardage when I actually make contact with the ball and don't catch poor Brian in the chin. (Then the ball doesn't go very far at all.)

These Zero Friction tees are pretty inexpensive and, all kidding aside, you may get a few extra yards with them. I prefer the Epoch tees, which are actually used on the PGA Tour.

However, I am a bit of a purist and a skeptic; thus, I say stick with your old tees, worry less about the few extra yards you will get, and work on your short game.

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