Club Glove Head Covers for Woods, Hybrids, Fairway Clubs

Posted by Jess

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Club Glove Head CoversYou know what I discovered? I can't be like Tiger. I tried. I tried so very hard. I bought Nike balls. I cupped my hat before I putted. Red shirts on Sundays. I even attempted the fist pump. Still not like him. It seems that it takes more to be great then just to try the same... stuff. I guess it's time to lose my animal club covers, too. For the record, I didn't completely copy him. I tried the lion instead of the tiger cover. Now it just looks sloppy.

I saw these and immediately liked the look. Simple and straightforward. Most important, they're unified. It's not Taylor Made this, Ping that, Floppy Elephant the other. All yellow, all white, all blue, all red, or all black. Very nice. What made it seem more attractive to me is the ability to choose all different types of clubs. From woods to hybrids, to fairway clubs, it's a great selection. The numbers are all large and easy to read, and the brand name doesn't make a production out of itself. I like the look of these. I really do. Value seems to be fair too. I can't really tell what the material is, but it seems sturdy. So now I at least my bag will look clean and my clubs will be protected.

And I can stop trying to have the same stuff as Tiger. Wait... I've got it. All I have to do is swing EXACTLY like him, and I'll be as good as he is! This should be no problem...

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