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Black Pearl CG14 Low Bounce

Posted by Jess

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Cleveland Sand Wedge Club If there's one thing Cleveland makes extremely well, it's the wedge.

I have toted a Cleveland sand wedge ever since I can remember, and it is still truly one of my favorite, most confident clubs to hit. Yes, even out of the sand.

As I ventured out for some window shopping this week, I happened upon a Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl Wedge that advertised it had "low bounce." It comes in 60, 58, and 54 degrees. I picked up the 54.

I picked it up and tried a few little practice swings. It felt surprisingly similar to my current wedge. Very little has changed in the feel. What they have changed is some technology. They put a gelback insert which is supposed to produce a soft and responsive feel, and they created what are called "zip grooves" which are very spread out to produce some very good spin upon impact.

I would be interested to see if any of this technology truly produced a "lower bounce," since nothing feels better than to just stick one close to the pin after hitting from 68 yards out and carrying the greenside bunker... or so I've been told.

Be prepared to spend a little on these wedges; they know they are the #1 wedge in golf. But honestly, I would pay this much for the old club I use now. Cleveland really makes these well. The only thing I'm not sure is why they decided to call it the "Black Pearl." I guess to draw in all the Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp fans...

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