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Chip Pitch Approach & Recovery Clubs w/ Variable Loft Angle

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Cleveland Niblick Reviews The term "niblick" has been around for hundreds of years, but was largely discontinued near the turn of the 20th century when iron sets became more uniform in size, shape, loft, and -- most importantly -- application. Used to describe everything from a 4-iron to a pitching wedge, niblick is truly a catch-all term.

Cleveland has adopted the term niblick to cover a series of clubs that can be used for any of four different types of shots -- Chip, Pitch, Approach, and Recovery. By making each club the same length, lie-angle, head weight, and address position, the only remaining variable is the loft/lie angle of the club. Cleveland has assembled a considerable collection of clubs under the niblick heading including offerings for both men and women, right hand or left hand, steel or graphite shafts, chrome or black-satin finishes, and much, much more. By removing (or combining?) the key elements of club variance, the concept is to simplify the golfer's dependence on touch and feel with each unique club and give them a "go to" feel for any of those four shot types.

Having dutifully used both short game methods -- the "one club fits all" as well the "one swing fits all" -- my personal inclination is to vary the club and use one swing. The Cleveland Niblick concept has some merit to it, as it seems to combine the strength of both concepts into something the average player -- who is not blessed with Tour Player talent -- can still get good results from.

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