Cincinnati Bengals Club Head Covers

NFL Football Leather Mesh Barrel

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Cincinnati Bengals Club Head Covers Sing it with me: "Baby, if you ever wondered... Wondered whatever became of me… I'm living on the air in Cincinnati... Cincinnati WKRP." (This song was the theme from the old TV show WKRP in Cincinnati.)

Are you a fan of the Cincinnati "Bungels?" I am so, so sorry. One thing is for sure: you are brave. Brave enough to cover your golf clubs with these Cincinnati Bengals Head Covers. You know why?? Because a Bengals fan fears nobody and would never put on some sissy stuffed bear or a doggy on his driver. No way, Baby! A Bengals fan has "Ocho Cinco" tattooed on his chest and tiger stripes tattooed on his arms.

This is a set of tres Cincy head covers. They are mesh barrel head covers made of a rugged polyester and nubuck leather. The covers are embroidered with two trademarks of your favorite team. They include two different sizes to guarantee proper fit on your clubs. Finally, they have the numbers 1, 3, and X.

If you aren't a Bengals fan, they come in all sports teams (both college and pro).

Good luck, my brave Bengals fans -- you are going to need it.

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