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greg normanI have a lot of memories around watching final round golf matches on television. It obviously increased even more when Tiger showed up — but I still remember literally slapping my forehead repeatedly at one notable Masters in 1996.

Greg Norman led by six over Nick Faldo. Then the unthinkable happened. Choke-city. Norman ended up shooting a 78, and Faldo crushed a 67 to win the Masters by five strokes.


What made this so memorable is that Greg Norman is probably one of the greatest golfers that ever donned the spikes. Other than Jack Nicklaus himself, “The Shark” is well-known as someone who drove the ball better than anyone. Greg Norman played aggressive. He stuck greens and had phenomenal ball control. He hit it loooong. He was fun to watch.

In addition to this, Greg Norman has earned more than $1 million five times on the Tour, and he is the very first person in Tour history to surpass $10 million in career earnings. If anyone could create a legacy with his name alone — it truly is Greg Norman.


Most of the products that come in Greg Norman’s namesake are in the apparel category. Often for the golfer who still wants to look very professional — and even traditional — on the course can be proud to wear apparel such as the Play Dry Pique Polo or the Men’s Wind Vest. The “Play Dry” technology is one of the greatest achievements in clothing design, as it actually wicks away moisture from the skin and transfers it to the garment’s outer layer. This of course eventually evaporates, and leaves the shirt cool, dry, and comfortable.

Stylish and practical, these are some of the types of clothing that one can expect with the Greg Norman label.

You can also find actual “Shark” labeled items as well such as hats, jackets, and even different styles of clothing.

In addition to being a leader in apparel innovation, Greg Norman collection designers are constantly pushing the envelope in their attempt to create clothing that is stylish, displaying the same poise and professionalism as the golfer who inspired them, while making golfers today more comfortable on the course in any weather.

It’s simply too bad Greg Norman didn’t have these same designers work on the stairs in his house — saving former President Bill Clinton an embarrassing and painful tumble.

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