Callaway Mens Golf Driver Club, FT-iZ Black

Weighted for High Speed & Distance

Posted by Robert

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Callaway Mens Golf Driver Club FT-iZ Sing it with me, "He's going the distance... He's going for speed." (Don't know that one?)

It's all about speed with the new drivers these days. This FT-iZ is triangular-shaped. This crazy shape is for aerodynamics. With driver heads getting bigger and bigger, the club makers are working hard to reduce drag and give you more swing speed. And of course, this results in more ball speed. The result is a club that will give you John Daly-like distance. (You think you know what it's like being John Daly? You have no idea!)

In addition to speed, the Callaway team has placed weights in the front and rear of the driver. This polar weighting raises the club's MOI and gives it tremendous stability on off-center hits.

I would recommend this club to all golfers that are adventurous and aren't afraid to dive into the crazy-looking shapes. This club is fun to swing, and the ball jumps off of the face like a cat on a hot tin roof.

However, I am a bit more of a purist and gravitate towards the old, boring pear-shaped heads. Thus, I like the Callaway FT-9 Tour Driver. The FT-9 is for lower handicappers that like a bit more workability.

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