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Wrap Around Neox Lens H304-GN | David Duval

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Callaway Hybrid Sunglasses Really Callaway? Really? Why are we manufacturing these enormous wrap-around sunglasses that look like we just got out of the eye doctor?

David Duval was cool when he wore these. Was. Wore. Past tense, folks. His last real win was in 200,1 for goodness' sake. (Ok, ok, I know he tied for 2nd in 2009's Open and he wore big glasses again -- don't ruin my flow)

These glasses are just flat out ugly. The Callaway H304-GN Hybrid Series Sunglasses almost have a larger name than the glasses themselves. Almost. They sport some sweet specs like Magnesium alloy frame (um, ok) and specially shaped Neox lenses (I'm sorry, what is...) to form an ocular shield. (ah...yeah. Ocular...)

I haven't heard this much balderdash name dropping since Certs tried telling us that we were finally getting more "Retsin" in the mints. (As if we had been hollering for that for years or something.) I'm still not even sure what Retsin is any more than I know what Hybrid, Magnesium alloy, or Neox is. As if some golfer missed his drive to the right and called out, "Stupid glare! If only my shades were made of Magnesium alloy and had Neox lenses to form an ocular shield! And I also wish they were larger than any sunglasses on the planet to enclose my entire face!"

Sorry, Callaway. If I'm going to Duval it and wear sweet shades on the course, I'm going to pick these.

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