Callaway Hot Bite Golf Balls HX

Ionomer for Less Spin, Long & High Flight

Posted by Robert

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Callaway Hot Bite Golf Balls HX This is a great middle-of-the-road golf ball that everybody can appreciate. The Callaway HX Hot Bite is very similar to a tour ball, just a bit harder, but much more affordable.

Let's give this ball a physical: "Open up and say Ahhhhh!" Looking down the throat of the HX Hot Bite, you will find two more layers, a mantle and a core. The core is big, soft, and resilient. This is what gives the ball its relatively soft feel. It also maximizes the ball speed from a variety of different swing speeds. The mantle (the part just beneath the cover) is made with ionomer. This helps kill some of the spin created when you smash it with your driver. Less spin means the ball is going to fly further. Finally, the most interesting part of the ball is the cover. This is Callaway's proprietary material with their trademark Hex dimples. The material is harder than the urethane that is found in those expensive balls, but it's not too bad. The hex aerodynamics are designed to reduce drag and resist the influence of wind.

I recommend this ball to all golfers. Distance-wise, it's just as long as the tour balls, and it has a good amount of spin around the greens as well. The biggest difference is that the harder cover is not nearly as satisfying as Callaway's tour balls.

If you want to check out what the pros play, take a look at the Callaway iS and iZ.

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