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Callaway Golf Practice Hitting Mat,This is a compact hitting mat that is great for just about anywhere. I like to throw it in my trunk and have it ready to go wherever I am. For example, take a 15-minute break from work and tee it up in the office parking lot. As a target, you can even use the new SUV of that "kiss-up" that got your promotion. (However, I wouldn't recommend this for higher handicappers, because you are apt to miss and hit some innocent bystander's car, like that cute coworker that sits next to you.)

Seriously, though, this is a good mat to take to the park or use in your backyard. The only thing I would warn you about is the size. It is small, so it tends to move around a bit. Also, if you catch the tee too low, it may fly into your neighbor's yard. (Then to get it back, you have to return the rake you borrowed... and the lawn mower, the drill, his new driver, his car, etc.)

For a more substantial net that can take a beating, check out the 3' x 5' Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Mat. This bad boy ain't going nowhere (as my 2nd grade teacher used to brag on me). Go ahead and hit it fat or skinny or just right. The Dura Pro costs more, but it will last longer, and it comes with a bunch of free booty like a cool tray, balls, tees, etc. Plus, you get to keep your neighbor's lawn mower for another couple months.

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