Callaway Diablo Edge Iron Clubs Set

Hybrid Combo Cavity Back w/ Wide Sole

Posted by Robert

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Callaway Diablo Edge Iron Clubs Set Before Callaway designed these irons, they did some research on where high handicappers hit the golf ball. Apparently, their findings were that we miss a lot of shots low on the clubface. Good thing they didn’t consult with me because they would have discovered that some of us hit miss the ball on the toe, the heal, the top, the bottom, the hosel and last but not least – completely whiff it all together. (I guess that last one might be hard to determine based on just looking at the clubface.

At any rate, when building these Diablo Edge Irons, Callaway and their hot shot scientists moved the center of gravity (COG) lower to accommodate for the low miss. The center of gravity is 50% lower than the '08 Callaway Big Bertha. Wow!

What does this mean to the Lehman? Well, Tom Lehmen thinks it’s a swell idea. Oops – I mean layman. A lower center of gravity means the club naturally swings down through the ball and if you happen to catch it on the bottom of the club, no worries it still flies high and true.

What’s more, it makes it easier to go after those ball that are buried in the deep rough. Just choke up on the club, put the ball back in your stance, and pile drive that iron down through the grass. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the ball flies out of there.

Moving on, forget the technology for a minute. My favorite thing about these irons is the way they look. I like the modern appearance with the red highlighting. That’s a lot coming from me because I’m usually a purest when it comes to the aesthetic looks of my irons. In this category, less is more. However, with these Diablos, I’m sold on the color and design. I think it looks cool. Not too loud and obnoxious. Plus, they've done a good job of hiding the cavity back. The cavity back obviously gives the club a monster sweet spot, but Callaway has camouflaged it so that it looks more similar to a players club.

As I mentioned, the cavity back makes the club extremely forgiving and gives the club an enormous sweet spot. Another cool thing is the sole is very wide with a low leading edge. This allows for a steep angle of attack and helps prevent those ugly fat shots. And it is another factor that makes the club so lethal out of the rough.

I really like these irons for high to mid handicappers. The clubs are very forgiving, but the ball still really jumps off the clubface. Miss hits go almost as far as those hit on the face, and all shots are dampened so you don't get that awful vibration in your hands and arms that come with some of the older clubs. All in all, I give these irons 8 out of 10 tees.

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