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Bushnell Yardage Pro GPS We get so spoiled. Sorry, I'll take all the blame for this one so you won't feel guilty. I have gotten so spoiled. I got tired of lugging clubs on one shoulder, so I used a bag that gave me backpack straps. I got tired of walking, so I started renting a cart. I got tired of stepping off yardage, so I used GPS. That's right. I play golf at a local course that put GPS into their carts about four years ago, and I have a hard time going back.

It's difficult to not love sitting next to your ball, squinting at the green, and having your little box mounted on the dashboard of your cart telling you it's 146 to the front, 149 to the pin, and 158 to the back of the green. It's still difficult to hit that 149, but it's so cool to just know how far it really is. Wait, are you calling me a cheater?

Ok I am. I love it. So Bushnell sells a GPS unit that you carry with you -- especially for that "out of date" golf course with no GPS in their carts... Bushnell partnered with iGolf to keep the databases of golf courses up to date -- and I think they said there were around 12,000 available. However, it seems that you have to sign up for a membership, and I'll be honest: as cool as it is to have GPS, I'm not looking to spend a high amount to purchase the unit and have to keep paying for updates. Sorry, Bushnell. It's just not worth it for me.

I actually found something else through a wireless provider that offered the same type of service right from the cell phone. It was less expensive and used the GPS already built into something that all of us usually have somewhere on us -- even when golfing.

So I guess I won't be so spoiled with Bushnell's device which should stop the cycle. Good thing, because I was on my way to not even going out anymore and just being content to play golf vicariously through a video game. Perish the thought....

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