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New B330-RXS for Slow Swing Speed

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Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls, Urethane This is a new twist on the B330-RX. The concept behind these two golf balls (the Tour B330-RXS and the B330RX) is they are a tour-quality golf ball designed for amateurs without the tour-quality swings.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts: The main thing that makes this ball "Tour Quality" is the soft urethane cover. This is the gold standard in all your premier golf balls being played on all the tours. I don't know who came up with urethane, but I can tell you he is sitting on a beach right now drinking something fruity with an umbrella in it.

The Tour B330-RXS is designed to benefit those of you with slower swing speeds somewhere around 100 mph or less. If you aren't sure how fast you swing (and you don't have fancy radar), I have a quick and easy test for you. Take out your wedge and tee up a ball on your living room carpet. If you can break out a window with your golf ball, then you should play the Bridgestone B330-S instead.

Seriously, if you don't hit your drives 250 yards or you are playing your 5 iron to 150 yards or less, then this is a good match for you. You will get more distance with this ball because you will be able to compress it, resulting in longer shots. The RXS cover is 12% softer then the RX, so this ball is for those of you looking for more spin and a softer feel.

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