Bobby Jones Lob Wedge, Men’s RH

Jesse Ortiz & David Pelz Golf 60 Degree Stainless Steel Soft

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Bobby Jones Lob Wedge, Men's RH We need soft landings. When I fly, I want my pilot to bring me a soft landing. If I fall, I try to twist myself and brace myself for a soft landing. If I happen to place a shot on the green (I know, I know... I fly and fall a lot more than I hit the green), I also want a soft landing.

That's what the Pelz/Ortiz combined brand lob wedge gives you. Don't let the "classic look" of this club fool you -- this thing has some serious technology inside of it. The body of the wedge is Stainless 302 steel -- which is extremely soft. This absorbs shock and keeps the ball from "popping" too much off the head. However, while the steel is soft, it maintains its face friction for up to a boasted 10,000 shots.

The steel shaft and nice 60-degree loft really rounded this cool little wedge out, and any player looking to improve their short game will love trying to hone in their shots around the green.

The nicest part about this club is the ability to get up and over bunker trouble or a greenside ditch and land softly on the green -- dribbling it oh-so-close to the pin.

Then I turn the channel because I hate seeing too many people be that good...

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