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Posted by Jess

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Bobby Jones Lady Hybrid OK, so here's the deal:

I'm boycotting products that make women golfers better. Not because I'm sexist. Not because they get to play from closer tee boxes. Not because there aren't products out there designed for men.

I'm boycotting them for one reason: my mother beats me when we play golf. I know. Embarrassing. I know. Laugh it up, whatever. You know why? She hits it straight. Period. Sure, I can outdrive her. Right into the woods. Sure, I can carry the water while she has to lay up. But mine still ends up wet, and hers doesn't.

So no more. No more clubs like the Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Lady Hybrid. No. No more lowered rear apex that reduces slices. No more offset hosels or shallow faces to produce easier, high trajectory, soft landing shots.

That is ridiculous. They hit it straight. They don't need something that makes them better. I hear what critics might be saying right now:

"Don't you want your mother to do the best she can and improve on her golf game in the latter stages of her life?"

No. No I don't. I want to beat my mom. I've given her too many quarter skins. I've given her too many congratulatory hugs. I've said too many of my high scores for her to write down on the card while she just sits there... smiling.

At least the Bobby Jones is a little spendy. It will take more of my quarters for her to save up before she can buy it. That gives me a little time...

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