Black Widow Golf Grip Fusion

Soft & Firm, Spider Graphics Red

Posted by Robert

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Black Widow Golf Grip Fusion There's a new kid in town in the golf grip world. And this company, Black Widow, is not afraid to be a little different, either. This golf grip definitely stands out. It's the Black Widow! (Cue scary music.) “Dunn Dunnn Dunnn!” This is a creative take to a usually boring product. Albeit, it is a dark take.

“I was working in my lab, late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight…”

At first look, this new kid may be trying to get your attention with their shocking graphics, but I actually like the feel and new technology used in these grips.

The grip may be the most overlooked piece of technology in golf. But it is actually very important. The correct grip can make all the difference in the world.

Consider this, if you are playing with beat-up, old worn down grips then you will be forced to grip tighter with your hands. Ahhh, but this is no bueno… a real no-no. The problem lies in that a tight grip will keep your hands from releasing the club properly. Guess what that means? If you said “I slice the ball” then you get a pretty star.

In addition if your grip is too big, the same problem can arise. Your hands are not able to function properly to allow the club face to release at impact, thus causing a weak slice.

These Black Widow grips are inavative because they mixed and matched the firmness and softness. The coolest thing about this grip is the textured feel. The grip is made of a dual-compound material. The material combines a mixture of both a firm and soft feel. Yes, it is possible. They've designed the grip with the firmness in the palms and the softness in the fingers where you can appreciate it the most -- and indeed, it has a great feel.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The stability of the club rests in your palms. This is where the grip is firm and allows for a dense grip. The fingers are where you get the feel at impact. This is where Black Widow make the grip soft. Thus, you can appreciate the good shots and learn from the bad shots.

All in all, this grip gets an A+ for feel and playablility. I like where Black Widow has thought outside of the web and built something cool and innovative.

However, the appearance is not exactly my style. Maybe if I drove a Harley and had a couple tattoos then I’d be all about it. Wait! Is there anywhere to put a set of golf clubs on a Harley? Maybe Black Widow should’ve thought of this.

I'm pretty sure I can’t pull off the crazy graphics. But if this look appeals to you, you should check out the Black Widow Signature grips. I like the higher performance that the Signature provides. Also a good grip for playing around Halloween.

"...and suddenly to my surprise.. He did the mash.."

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