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Photochromatic Transition Lens

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BBB Winner PH Sport Sunglasses When taking "a good walk spoiled" (as Mark Twain characterized golf), it's important to have a good pair of sunglasses.

One problem I have out on the links is I'm constantly taking my shades off and putting them back on. Every time a cloud comes over or you walk into a shaded area, I have to yank off the glasses.

These BBB Winner PH Sport Sunglasses attempt to address this problem. They are sunglasses with photochromatic lenses. This of course means that your sunglasses come with a clock on them. (Wait! that's not true - my mistake.)

Photochromatic lenses adjust to the amount of sunlight. If the sun comes out they get darker. If the sun goes behind a cloud they get lighter. How cool is that?

They're also pretty stylish-looking. They are very lightweight and sporty and have wrap-around lenses so you will have no problems using your peripheral vision, which is so important when swinging the golf club.

The only negative I can see is: they may be a little too flashy for you. If you want to check out a more subtle pair of sunglasses that are still sporty, please read my review on the Nike Revolve Sunglasses. (These do not have photochromatic lenses.)

Enjoy your "spoiled walk" with these magic photochromatic lenses that sense sunlight. What will they think up next? (Maybe a pair that will read the break of the green for me.)

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