Bag Boy Electric Golf Cart

Trolley & Remote Control Navigator 2

Posted by Robert

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Bag Boy Navigator 2 How cool is this?! The problem with me owning one of these remote control electric carts is that I'd want to play with it more then I'd want to play golf. I'd be driving the thing all over the golf course, delivering beers to my friends, trying to run over their golf bags, and just generally being a big clown.

Hopefully, if you are getting ready to purchase one of these, you are much more mature than I am. These are really great, especially for you folks that have back problems and can't handle the strain of pushing or carrying your clubs. Or perhaps you just like cool gadgets and want to impress your friends.

The Bag Boy 2009 Navigator 2 maintains a straight path even on the roughest of terrains. It needs no calibrations and has no trouble with interference from steel shafts or metal buildings. This newer model features a new soft braking with wider wheels, it's more compact when folded, has twin calibrated 140 watt motors, a 360 degree swivel front wheel with suspension, and handle-mounted controls with a remote control.

My favorite thing (other than the fact that I can harass my golfing buddies with it) is the removable seat with storage compartment. Not only will it drag your clubs around for you all day, but it provides a comfortable seat to take a load off your feet. This is the best tool for seniors who still enjoy walking the course.

Having this electric cart is the next best thing to having your own caddie. Heck, while you're at it, add the Sky Caddie SG5 Bonus Pack -- a golf GPS system that gives you exact yardages -- and you pretty much have a complete virtual caddie!

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