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Are You Kidding Me? If you are a golf geek like me, then you remember the 2008 US Open like it was yesterday. This tournament played out more dramatically than the movie Sea Biscuit, and Rocco Mediate was more likable and easier to root for than Rocky Balboa.

For those of you that are fortunate enough to not be tremendous golf nerds, here's a quick synopsis. This David (Rocco) and Goliath (Tiger) battle played out in June at Torrey Pines in Southern California. Tiger came into the tournament with very little match practice and was hobbling around on a bad knee. Many times after taking a rip with his driver, he could be seen wincing in pain and limping to his next shot.

Rocco Mediate came into the tournament as an old guy that was past his prime following a career plagued with back injuries and "what might have been's."

Even juicier than the journeyman vs. wounded superstar dynamic was the fact that here were two guys that represent all that is appealing about our great game of golf. Tiger Woods is the best player to have lived and has done more for the game of golf then anybody, and Rocco Mediate represents the fun-loving, happy go-lucky guy who's just happy to be out playing golf on a nice sunny day. He's you, and I, and everybody that has pretended that the 6-foot putt they are about to stroke is to beat Tiger Woods and win the U.S. Open.

John Feinstein, the author, is a very accomplished sports writer who has written two of the top best-selling non-fiction sports books in history: A Good Walk Spoiled, and A Season on the Brink. He is to non-fiction sports writing as Steven King is to horror novels. Through Feinstein, Rocco relives his marvelous five days and his battle with Tiger. You won't find a more likeable and greater guy to root for than Roc. I won't give away the ending -- you'll have to read the book! You can also buy the DVD: 2008 U.S. Open: A Duel for the Ages (2008.)

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