Aldila Golf Club Wood Shaft, Wasabi

En Fuego Mid Launch

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Aldila Golf Club Wood Shaft, Wasabi If you are like most of us, then you've played this game for years and never noticed the shaft that was in your golf club. That's like picking out a car without knowing what kind of engine is under the hood. If you are reading this review, then you've probably done some research and realized that the shaft is one of the most important parts of the golf club.

Aldila are very popular shafts. I've seen them very frequently. I currently am swinging one in my Titleist Driver. I think this En Fuego series might throw some royalties to ESPN Sportscenter for its name. I'm pretty sure they owe the popular sports show for making "En Fuego" a household expression.

This En Fuego series is certainly hot, and this series comes with three innovative shaft designs, each with a higher center of gravity. These shafts are essential for getting the best performance from the modern clubhead designs.

This Wasabi Wood Shaft is a mid-launch shaft that is perfect for you golfers that prefer a penetrating ball flight. The coolest thing about the shaft is it has a Micro Laminate Technology. This is basically a shock absorber that dampens shock and increases feel.

I recommend this shaft to all golfers. It has a great feel, and good players will appreciate the workability and performance of this shaft. For a lower launch shaft, check out the En Fuego Serrano Wood Shaft -- and for a higher launch shaft, the En Fuego Habanero.

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