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Posted by Robert

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Affinity Revo Wedge Club This is a very inexpensive wedge brought to you by Affinity Revo. (Isn't that a car?) This is what I would call a Walmart-quality club and is for those high handicappers that aren't discriminating about their wedges.

The best thing about this club is the "Power Sole." This is extra weighting and mass that they've added directly behind the hitting area in the sole of the club to lower the center of gravity and make it easier for novices to get the ball up easily.

In addition, I don't mind black satin finish. It's not too horrible. (How's that for an endorsement?) It reminds me of the color of one of my favorite tour-quality wedges, the Cleveland 900 Forged Wedge. It is "Gunmetal" in color, and it's a beautiful golf club.

This wedge is also available in a classic mirror finish and comes in degrees of 52, 56, 60, and 64.

I would recommend this club for beginner and novice golfers that are looking for a low-cost wedge that is forgiving and will help you get the ball in the air quickly.

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